Friday, December 9, 2011

International Operations - High Tech Impacted International Sales (Week #8)

International Operations #21 Selling Opportunities Personal Experience

How has the high tech industry facilitated international selling opportunities for small businesses?

It goes without saying, the internet has influenced how we do business from the individual that is selling products on e-Bay to large corporations handling many transactions via the web. China now has more users on the internet than any other country. Many small businesses now have access to customers all over the world. This is also a two way street, the reverse can be done. Because of advances in technology, manufacturing, logistics and improved communication channels, small businesses can sell their products overseas.

As technology advances so do our methods of how we do business. In my previous job I was a marketing and sales manager for family owned machine manufacturing business in the US. For several years we searched for manufactures to produce a molded product in the US market at a competitive rate. Then with no luck in the US markets, we turned to the international market. The technology was available in the US but the initial costs were not realistic. Once the technology was available in India then it became a potential product. Originally several years back the ability due to lack of technology was not possible. However, time changes that possibility.

I no longer work with this company but the product developed is now sold in the US, Mexican and Chinese markets. The product is a high tech molded item that combines a special chemical plastic support guide with a piece of stainless steel insert. This is produced in India, shipped to US for an additional assembly to complete the final product. With out advancements in technology this could never have been accomplished.

My previous international ventures opened my eyes to what potential is available. This is only one example. We developed many items in this manner because of advancements in technology. Sometimes it was necessary to go half way around the world in order to improve or develop new products.   

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